TerraShield Kills Fleas!


Okay this is too good not to share!

My dog Lola spent the entire summer with fleas all over her. I tried flea collars, frequent bathing, Dawn, herbs, Revolution… EVERYTHING! The flea collars did NOTHING. The frequent bathing just made Lola angry (she hates bath time). Dawn did a great job at killing some of the fleas but Lola’s coat suffered. The herbs didn’t seem to help at all. When I applied the Revolution, I saw almost instant results… but the fleas were back just a little while later, not exactly what I want from an $80 prescription.

Then I heard about TerraShield, an oil blend from doTERRA. TerraShield is an all-natural insect repellent which is said to last up to 6 hours per application. I did a little research on this blend and found it to be safe for both humans and animals. Now, in the past I had tried Lemongrass to keep the fleas off Lola and the only thing it seemed to do for her was change her white coat a lovely but very unwelcome shade of chartreuse. Needless to say, I was a little leery of TerraShield– I was tired of seeing my dog so uncomfortable all the time so I tried the blend anyway. I applied two drops at the base of her neck and a little while later (maybe an hour or two) noticed dead fleas falling off of her. VICTORY!! It’s been a week now since that first application and still NO FLEAS!! That’s pretty darn good for one application of an oil that is said to last up to 6 hours.

TerraShield comes in a 15ml bottle and only costs $12.67… no joke. Maybe your pet has fleas, your child plays sports, your family has a camping trip coming up, you want to spend the day in the garden, or perhaps you just want to go outside… I encourage you to try this oil. It works. It’s affordable. And it just so happens to smell AMAZING!

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    • Yes! I’ve heard lots of TerraShield success stories about cats! One person even used TerraShield for their cats ear mites (which medication failed to work on), the cat had instant relief and the problem was completely gone 4 days later.

  1. My dogs currently do not have fleas and I’d like to keep it that way. How would I use this when I take them to the park for a walk? Do I just put a few drops on the back of their neck, or is there another way to do this? Any info you can provide will be appreciated, thanks!

    • Yes, I would just apply a few drops to the back of their neck. If your dogs have long hair, I would even suggest putting two or three drops onto your palm and rubbing your hands together– then just smooth your hands over the dog’s coat. Do allow the dogs to smell the oil before applying it. If your pets hate the scent it, would probably be best not to apply it all over them.

  2. My poor baby Rocco (2 year old 17 lb Yorkie) is miserable!!! He has been invaded by fleas after hanging outside with dad all weekend. He is covered in little bites and some are big, red and swollen. To help him I used what I had on hand, lavender. I diluted it with tap water and mixed it in a spray bottle. The flea bath my husband insisted on trying has done nothing! Using the flea comb I can see these little egg looking things (I’m guessing flea eggs). What more can I do??? Our entire house is carpeted (bathrooms too, not kitchen though), and my baby is so sad and not himself! My sis-in-law sells and carries all of the Do-Terra line so I have access to it all. What can I do do help my baby and my home?

    • At this point, I would probably go to the vet and get a prescription for either Revolution or Comfortis just to get the situation under control. TerraShield works great to discourage fleas but once your pet is invaded like that you’ll need something stronger. For your home, I would use Borax on all the floors. You can go to http://www.BoraxForFleas.com and it will tell you the best way to use it. If you have a diffuser, I would diffuse TerraShield or Lemon oil in the house– it will not kill the fleas but it will discourage them from sticking around in the future.

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